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Electric spectaculars and machines used in shows and on stage are impressively controlled by the behind-the-scenes operational technologies at TELMIC. If you go behind the scenes, you will find TELMIC’s engineers operating computers and complex lighting control consoles. The engineers at TELMIC are masters of background support.

We at TELMIC are currently expanding the boundaries of special art and video design by focusing on four areas of technology - electric spectaculars, LED Vision, mechatronics and systems. We at TELMIC are proud of our ability to completely satisfy any technical requests from art designers and video designers.

TELMIC’s third factory in Yoshikawa with two warehouse buildings and a temporary assembling plant. The following machines are installed: SPACE GEAR 48,510 MK II, a new 2D/3D laser processing machine from Yamazaki Mazak Corporation and an 11-meter-long large-sized drying furnace (baking finish furnace) from Hakuden Kohnetsu Company Ltd. These machines are all operated by our highly skillful and experienced craftsmen.

Multiple pixel connectors with nine lights controlled by DMX/Video signals ·Aligned to a pitch of 100mm for dedicated base use ·Available for setting up large screens ·Suitable for outdoor use (IP66) ·Installed easily using rear magnets

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Track Record


Corporate Profile

Corporate name TELMIC Corp.
Location of the head office Akiba East Building, 28-5, Taito 1-chome, Taito-ku, Tokyo, 110-0016
FAX number 03-5812-1616
President Mr. Masaru Tanaka
Chairman Mr. Setsuo Toriumi
Established in / Fiscal term Established in March 1979 / Fiscal year end (February)
Sales 3,499 (million yen) in February 2010,
3,770 (million yen) in February 2011,
3,816 (million yen) in February 2012,
4,080 (million yen) in February 2013,
4,521 (million yen) in February 2014,
4,311 (million yen) in February 2015
Number of employees 211
Our work Designing, producing, setting up, operating and renting LED Vision screens, electric spectaculars and mechanical devices for TV, stage, events and concerts
License for the general contractor ・Electrical contractor ・Steel structure Contractor
・Machinery, equipment and installation contractor
(License number: Tokyo Governor Permission No. 111326)
Other business license Worker Dispatch Undertakings (general) 13-030132
Yoshikawa Factory 531-1, Komatsugawa, Yoshikawa-shi, Saitama
Fax number 048-981-6392
Desk at Nippon Television in Kojimachi Nippon Television Kojimachi Building (West Wing), 14, Nibancho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Desk at TV Asahi 9-1, Roppongi 6 chome, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Desk at Fuji Television Building Office Tower, 4-8, Daiba 2 chome, Minato-ku, Tokyo

Updated June 2014


Access Map

Route from Yoshikawa Factory to Soka Warehouse

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  1. Starting at Yoshikawa Factory, go on Prefectural Highway 67 to the Nakagawa River and turn left.
  2. Go straight on Prefectural Highway for a while and turn right.
  3. Cross over Hachijo-bashi Bridge and turn left at intersection (Benten-ni).
  4. Turn right at Matsue 6-chome (Gust Restaurant on your left). Continue 700m and you will find Soka Warehouse.
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Akiba East Building, 28-5, Taito 1 chome, Taito-ku, Tokyo, 110-0016

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